Superimposed Verticality

Studio course on Diversifying Forms of Living
ARK-E4501, 10 ECTS

Aalto University Department of Architecture

Organized by Group X in collaboration with
Housing Design chair (Prof. Hannu Huttunen)
The University of Hong Kong HKU, Department of Architecture (Prof. Wang Weijen)

Task and context
Housing design in Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong, China
A typical high density high-rise new town, half-a-million population in the next fifteen years, with mixture of public housing and private development, public facilities of library, sports hall, shopping, schools…. next to the metro station of Tiu Keung Leng

Horizontality and verticality, internal and external, communicative and participatory design, optimized use, social sustainability

7 (AU) + 12 (HKU)

Frances Hsu, Fernando Nieto + Antti Ahlava, Anssi Joutsiniemi, Jarmo Suominen

Publication with HKU and exhibition

Course connected to complementary seminar on Theories and Histories of Housing and Urbanism
ARK-E4505, 3 ECTS | Instructor Frances Hsu

Contact person
Fernando Nieto