From Gen Danso to Gen Tsukushi: Japanese Generations and Architecture

ARK-E2014  Advanced Building Design Studio

In spring 2021, Group X organized a building design studio course (Advanced Building Design Studio) at Aalto University Department of Architecture, in collaboration with the Architecture Department of Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT), Tokyo, Japan, and its professors Kiwa Matsushita and Satoru Yamashiro.

The studio studied the emergent development of Toyosu area based on its public building(s) as anchors, effecting the planning and design of the rest of the area. The entities, including the new library, interconnect and create interactions.

Course Objective

The assignment was to design a new community library for the Toyosu area of Tokyo; The focus was on the development of library architecture based on the understanding of Japanese generations as the picture below – the values and styles of distinct generations of people.

The timeline of Japanese lifestyle generations (Copyright © Group X)

The timeline of Japanese lifestyle generations (Copyright © Group X)

Course Information
  • Term III-IV; 12.01.2021-06.04.2021
  • Remote teaching on Tuesdays from 13:00 to 17:00
  • A design course for max.16 students
Responsible Teachers
  • Professor Antti Ahlava
    Professor of Emergent Design Methodologies, Department of Architecture, Aalto University
  • Architect Selina Anttinen
    Architect, Anttinen Oiva arkkitehdit Oy
  • Architect Eero Lundén
    Architect & Founder, Lundén Architecture Company
  • Architect Heini Saari
    Researcher & Architect, Noren
    PhD Candidate at LSE
  • Architect Samuli Woolston
    Architect & Principal, ALA Architects
Selected Student Work

Zhuoying Ren, Aalto Univeirsity: Toyosu Library (2021)
Please find the full project portfolio at the following link:
Toyosu Library – Advanced Building Design Studio

Zhuoying Ren, Aalto Univeirsity: Toyosu Library (2021)