27 May 2016

Exhibition of student works in Dance House Helsinki studio course at Cable Factory Helsinki

Next Thursday June 2nd, the exhibition with student works in the studio course Dance House Helsinki will be opened in the Turbine Hall at Cable Factory in Helsinki.

The project is based on a real initiative and need for performance spaces for a leading dance education centre and theatre in Finland. The Dance House Helsinki building will be exceptional even by international standards, and it will include a unique design and spatial arrangement embracing a wide variety of different genres of dance culture. The Dance House will be an accessible and welcoming gathering place for the public while providing amenities for high quality performances of other art forms. The course was developed together with Dance House Helsinki association and Helsinki City Planning Department.

The objective of the course was to study alternatives how the building could be situated beside the Kaapelitehdas cultural centre, which operates in a former cable factory facility. The building should raise curiosity and reflect the identity of the Dance House Helsinki among the visitors. Strong emphasis is put on the innovativeness and architectural quality of the building as well as the adaptation of the building to the surrounding environment. Through designing the building, it is possible to explore the possibilities how the Dance House could generate wellbeing infrastructure to the city. Encouraging active lifestyles in the building is one way of keeping people healthy and taking care of themselves.

The main aim of the studio is to teach how to design an architecturally advanced large public building. The specialty of this studio is to study dance performing and educational spaces, flexibility of the building and a relationship of a public building to the existing urban city space. Each student made an individual design project for the course. There were 17 students on the course. The exhibition presents studies of the building from nine architecture student. They were given free hands how to situate the building in connection with Kaapelitehdas building. The total floor area designated for the Dance House building is 7,000 square meters, of which around 1,400 square meters would be devoted to performing dance halls.

The course is a co-operation project with Tsinghua University, Beijing China. There was a workshop week with Tsinghua design studio in Finland and a final review in the end of the course was held together with Tsinghua studio in Beijing.

Students in the exhibition: Ilkka Ala-Fossi, Iiris Andersson, Markus Böck, Tuuli Kanerva, Mariana Lazaro Rantanen, Pia Pokkinen, Sarita Poptani, Liuxin Yang, Matti Wäre.

Teachers: Pirjo Sanaksenaho, Teemu Kurkela, Sari Lehtonen, Fernando Nieto, Ville Hara, Toni Kotnik (structures), Erkki Immonen (HVAC), Claudia Auer.

Partners: Helsinki City Planning Department (Jari Huhtaniemi), Dance House association (Tuomo Hahl).

Exhibition design and production: Fernando Nieto, Sari Lehtonen, Saana Rossi, Miia Suomela, Elina Järvelä.

Exhibition of student works
Aalto University, Department of Architecture
Turbiinisali, Kaapelitehdas (Cable Factory)
Tallberginkatu 1, 00180 Helsinki
Opening event: 02.06.16, 15:30
Exhibition: 02-17.06.16, Mon-Fri 10–17