04 Dec 2015

JOT-Flexible Learning Places seminar at Urban Mill on 14.12

The seminar JOT-Flexible Learning Places on new learning environments based on the concept of JOT project (Joustavat Oppimisen Tilat), organized by the City of Espoo and Group X at the Department of Architecture of Aalto University, will be held on Monday 14.12 at Urban Mill premises. The full data of the event are:

JOT-Flexible Learning Places seminar

City of Espoo, http://www.espoo.fi
Group X, Department of Architecture, Aalto University, https://www.groupxaalto.fi

External Guests
Stephen Heppell, http://www.heppell.net
Teemu Tuomi, NRT Architects, http://www.n-r-t.fi

Urban Mill – Aalto University
Otaniemi Campus
Betonimiehenkuja 5
02150 Espoo, Finland

Date and hour
December 14th, 2015, 09:00-15:00

09:00    JOT Workshop
              Introduction. Fernando Nieto
              City of Espoo, Sampo Suihko + Aalto University, Jarmo Suominen + Stephen Heppell

              Lecture by Stephen Heppell: New Learning Environments
              Development from JOT to SaaS

              JOT parameters defining new learning environments for SaaS concept
              1. Accessibility: physical, virtual and social
              2. Flexibility: physical, virtual and social
              3. Ownership: physical, virtual and social

12:00    Lunch

13:00    Final review Flexible Learning Places studio course
              JOT parameters in systemic solution
              Labs for Learners studio course (6 students; 20 min./student)
              Teachers: Jarmo Suominen, Antti Ahlava, Fernando Nieto
              Guest critics: Stephen Heppell, Teemu Tuomi, Tiina Riihimäki

15:00    End of event

New systemic learning environments fostering value co-creation and social learning. What are they? How these environments could be developed and designed? What are the characteristics of physical, virtual and social solutions? What to build and why?