16 Nov 2015

School as a Service Launch Event

Today Group X and the Labs for Learners studio attended the launch event of the new school based on the concept of School as a Service. The event was held at the Urban mill on Otaniemi campus, and was hosted by our Adjunct Professor Jarmo Suominen, Kristiina Erkkilä from the City of Espoo, and Pekka Piri, principal of the Haukilahti High School. At the event, the new school was presented to the students and staff of Haukilahti High School, who have been elected the first users of the new concept premises.

The presentations concerned the upcoming school, digital possibilities, new pedagogical methods, the premises and campus development of Aalto University, and the educational strategies of the City of Espoo.

The Puu2 building (Tekniikantie 3) will be used as the main premises for the new school. The Labs for Learners studio course is currently focusing on the topic through exploring the possibilities of the routes and network on the campus, the visual identity of the premises and the function of the Puu2 building.