14 Sep 2015

Human Cities co-creation briefings

As a part of the Human Cities project all the partners will host a meeting and prepare an experimentation on challenging the city scale. For our part the event is scheduled for the summer of 2017, but we have eagerly started to prepare our experimentation already. As a part of the process Alice Holmberg, co-creation expert at Human Cities, visited us for two days for our co-creation briefings. Toghether we had a couple of meetings, where the direction of the experimentation was settled. Progress was also made regarding the general features of the experimentation.

The theme for our experimantation will be to optimize the use of existing built environment. There is a contradiction in having an empty home half of the time, and an empty office the other half of said time. Not to mention buildings or spaces that are without any tenant. Our aim is to open up these spaces and through that use the current built environment more efficiently, build stronger communities and blend the boundaries of private and public. Our intentions will be put to the test as the City of Espoo and Aalto University collaborate in creating a new school platform through shared spaces. We call this new platform School as a Service.

Does this sound interesting? Check out more of the outcomes of our co-creation briefings from the Human Cities website, and see Alice’s brief on our experimentation.