02 Jun 2015

Labs for Learners, joint workshop + studio course Aalto University & Royal College of Art in London

Group X and the Aalto University Department of Architecture will organize a summer workshop & studio in collaboration with Royal College of Art in London. The studio aims for a new solution for those schoolchildren and teachers in Espoo, whose own school is under repair: a permanent transient school. This is a real project to be built in collaboration with the City of Espoo and Aalto University.

Organizers: Department of Architecture, Aalto University + Royal College of Art
Coordination: Group X, Department of Architecture, Aalto University
Dates & places: Workshop: August 24-28 (Otaniemi) + September 1-4 (London)
After the workshop, the studio continues in Otaniemi through the autumn term
Self-financing, pre-work and post-work needed
Teachers and tutors from both institutions
Building Design Studio 1 (ARK-E2002), 10 ECTS

For enrollment of Aalto University students, please send a short application and your transcript of records by August 10th.
Contact & questions: Fernando Nieto (fernando.nieto@aalto.fi)