Resilient City

Catastrophe proof construction from the viewpoint of services and a service-based logic.

Augmented City

Developing an existing part of a city according to a service-based logic functionally and physically.

New School

The development of a future school from the viewpoint of service architecture.

Pre-Fab Single Family Home

The modification of a technically ready system towards a user-based platform.

University Embassies

The presence of universities in other universities campuses.

Smartest Cities

The computerised A.I. of urban design methodologies.


Maximising the utilization rate of a building.

Wellbeing Construction in China

A collaboration with local universities.

Anti-Disciplinary Architecture

An architect’s way of working in other fields.

Garbage Shed 2.0

A real-estate based centre of shared resources.

Studios as Creative Spaces

A media sector workplace area as shared resources.

Exporting Service Architecture

Service Architecture in London and Rio de Janeiro.

Services after Year Zero

Customer service infrastructure, reorganization and service architecture.