ARK-E2014 Advanced Building Design Studio  Spring 2022 was organized in collaboration with the Architecture Department of Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT), Tokyo, Japan.

The assignment was to design a new building complex with two main purposes in Toyosu area, Tokyo.The floor area of the new complex is app. 20.000 sqm.

This year the course focused on the development of ”metaxography” in architecture – design based on relationships. What if architecture was not only about the design of objects but the design of relationships? The normative design in the built environment has traditionally focussed on building as a product and not on experience and interaction, which are the essentials of ontographic anthropology. An anthropological perspective in architectural design creates a unique opportunity to describe current practices meaningfully and supports a progressive anthropological change in the conception of architecture. course information:

  • Term III-IV; 11.01.2022-05.04.2022
  • Remote teaching and live teaching on Tuesdays from 09:15 to 12:00
  • A design course for max.20 students

responsible teachers:

  • Professor Antti Ahlava Professor of Emergent Design Methodologies, Department of Architecture, Aalto University Email: antti.ahlava@aalto.fi
  • Architect Selina Anttinen Architect, Anttinen Oiva arkkitehdit Oy Email: selina.anttinen@aoa.fi
  • Architect Eero Lundén Architect & Founder, Lundén Architecture Company Email: eero@lunden.co



Student works

Toyosu HYBRID (2022)

project from Zulunankaer Tuerxun
project from Peiyao Xu
Project from Jenna Hukkinen
project from Yanqi Feng
project from Xinghe Guo
project from Amalia Aarnio
project from Qi Qi

project from Yue Zhang
project from Raisa Mäkinen
project from Jenna Koivisto
project from Doan Phuong
project from Ekaterina Pushkina