Identity of Space, Building Design Studio 2, Autumn 2019

Identity of Space

From Think Corner To think Buildings, Helsinki University Central Campus

After having turned its administration building into Think Corner – an open mixed-use event space with cafeteria, meeting rooms, individual workspace, and the gym, Helsinki University wants to apply a similar strategy of openness, encounters, and diversity to the other premises in its historic campus in the center of Helsinki. This studio course coordination will be led by prof. Jarmo Suominen, who was responsible for developing the Think Corner concept, who was responsible for developing the Think Corner concept further developed by JKMM Architects.

During the course, the students will be introduced to the theory of service-oriented architecture, platform thinking, exploring values in architecture and communications. Students will analyze users’ experiences and existing services on campus, and develop a service concept for spaces together with architectural documentation and 3D design.

The HU campus is large and students will define their own project focus and they will work in various scales, depending on their program: a single new or transformed building, a network of spaces, or interior design.

The design studio course will host max. 30 students from Architecture master level students.

Responsible teachers:

Adj. Professor Jarmo Suominen and Prof. Pentti Kareoja

Tutors from building design and interior design: Natalia Vladykina, Meri Wiikinkoski, Pauliina Kujala

Guest lecturers and tutoring

All students are welcome and highly encouraged to take the parallel multidisciplinary optional mini-course People-Driven City, from 10.09 –27.9.2019, which will be part of the Lähiöfest 2019, and also count with Michel Rojkind, Rojkind Architects & WeWork/We Company in the final sessions and critique.