Art of Heat Exhibition

The Art of Heat Exhibition is presenting the results from a multidisciplinary studio in the ARTS Department of Aalto University. Developed by the Department of Architecture by joining the fields of Architecture, Interior Design, and Fashion Design. It was carried out for the first time in Autumn 2018 in collaboration with Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation (SCF), with a parallel studio at Donghua University and the fashion brand Deepmoss.

Architecture and fashion evoke poetics through materials, emotions and the sensations they provoke. As Deepmoss is a brand focused on communicating subtle poetics, the architecture that contains it, the interior design that displays it, and any new piece of clothing must communicate the brand origins, culture, and poetics.

The Studio Course task was to design a shop and exhibition space for the fashion company in China. The studio involved 19 students from Aalto University School of Arts, Design, and Architecture: ten students from Architectural Design, six students from Interior Design and three students from Fashion Design. Working in cross-disciplinary teams in which architecture students designed the building, the interior students designed the interior spaces, and the fashion students designed new “capsule collection” clothing and looks for the company, all based in a same integrated concept created by each team. The name of the course –The Art of Heat– comes from the shared function of architectural and fashion design: the heat control mechanism of buildings and clothes, protecting the body.

The exhibition opening was on May 7th with words of Antti Ahlava and Pirjo Hirvonen where the catalogue compiling the results of this cross-disciplinary collaboration was distributed. The catalogue consisted of an edition of 100 copies.

Responsible Teachers: Antti Ahlava, Pirjo Hirvonen.

Tutors: Laura Juslin, Lilli Maunula, Natalia Vladykina, Tiina Rytkönen

Visitors: Martti Kalliala, Anna-Mari Almila


Architecture students: Molly Mii Ekholm, Belén Germán Blanco, Laura Hetzel, Marcos Reyes Sanz, Chen Zhuo, Amir Hossein Teymourtash, Anna Brandl, Moritz Wiedenmann, Ylka Kuçuku, Yu Zhang

Interior design students: Dayoung Song, Lingfang Shen, Stiina Ruusuvuori, Laura Heino, Xiao Mou, Soroush Kalatian

Fashion design students: Ines Kalliala, Karolina Januleviciute, Anna Sarasoja