14 Apr 2020

Light & space cooperation starts between Leibniz-Institute and Group X

The Light & Space Academy wing of Group X (led by post-doc Julle Oksanen and doctoral researcher, architect Hannu Tikka) has started cooperation with Dr. Franz Hölker’s research group at The Light Pollution and Ecophysiology Unit of the Department of Ecohydrology at the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB), with Dr. Hölker and Dr. Oksanen in charge. 

IGB has conducted research on the impact of light pollution on various parts of ecosystems for almost twenty years. The LIght and Space Academy of Group X has studied the integrated architectural and lighting design and organised cross-disciplinary study courses and workshops through the last decade. 

The purpose of the joint research is to develop ecological and interdisciplinary design recommendations and practices for nocturnal lighting in order to eliminate the effects of light pollution internationally. The project is based on Dr. Hölker’s research findings on the effects of light pollution diminishing biodiversity, as well as on Dr. Oksanen’s award-winning research books for the light industry, ‘Lost Shadows’ and ‘Design Concepts in Architectural Outdoor Lighting Design, Based on Metaphors as a Heuristic Tool’ The total duration of the research project is estimated to be  3-4 years.