15 Dec 2019

Aalto Main Street

After the huge success of School as a Service (SaaS), comes the new project Aalto Main Street!

In process of development by Aalto University Department of Architecture

A multidisciplinary joint studio course for master level will take place in Autum 2020 in collaboration with the Service Design Programme of Royal College of Art (London), to develop the project that will redefine the public space and create an active and full of life space in the core of Otaniemi Campus!

Later, a collaboration with ACRE Campus and Real Estate, will set the project on march into a reality.

Are you interested in becoming a partner?

Join Aalto Main Street!

We are looking for sponsors for the course and clever partners for this study project.

The location of the project will become a spot with high exposure!

22,000 Aalto University members between students, faculty and staff

2,000 + companies in Otaniemi area

500,000 visitors to A Bloc and Aalto University metro station

This project will have high social and economical impact in Aalto University Campus and the growing area of Otaniemi.

We need sponsorships! Are you interested?

Contact us

Antti Ahlava antti.ahlava@aalto.fi

Organized by Group X