03 Oct 2016

Sino Finnish 100 Challenge. Creating value together

Sino Finnish 100 Challenge is organized during 2017 in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangdong in co-operation with Finnish and Chinese universities, companies, cities, public organizations and innovative individuals.

SF 100 Challenge is carried out as main event of the Finland 100 anniversary program in China.

SF 100 Challenge utilizes Finnish know-how to solve challenges in China and Finland by creating value together.

SF 100 Challenge will promote and enable both fruitful export opportunities within Chinese stakeholders and evolving import opportunities from China.

Organizers and Partners
Project owner: Radical Design Week Association RDWA
Operator: Sino Finnish Centre & Aalto Tongji Design Factory, Shanghai
Organizing Committee (TBC): Yrjö Sotamaa, Chair, Antti Ahlava, XX, Tongji, YY, Espoo, ZZ, HY
Management Team: Jarmo Suominen, Project Director, Timo Nyberg, Melissa Arni-Hardén, Veera Rautio, XX
Steering Group (TBC): Hannu Seristö, Kirsti Lehmusto, Lou Yongqi, Jan Wahlberg, Jyri Lintunen, Anna Mauranen, Sampo Suihko, Tuula Antola, Kari Korkman, Fang Hai, Xiao Yong, Zhou Haoming, Helena Hyvönen, Tapani Hyvönen
Main partners (TBC): Aalto University, Helsinki University, Tongji University, College of Design and Innovation, Espoo City, Finland 100, Embassy of Finland, Beijing
Partners (TBC): Consulate General of Finland, Shanghai, Team Finland, Finnish and Chinese Companies, Helsinki Design Week, SLUSH, Finnish Business Council FBCS, Guangdong University of Technology, Central Academy of Fine Art CAFA, Tsinghua University, Beijing University, Donghua University, Shanghai City, Huangpu, Yangpu
Supporters (TBC): Shanghai Finns, Finnish Chinese Business Society
More information: Jarmo Suominen, jarmo.suominen@aalto.fi